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Martha Vickers –

_Martha-Vickers-Top-Pic-Alimony-1949 Vickers in ALIMONY (1949).
About Martha Vickers (1925 – 1971)
Martha Vickers was born on May 28, 1925 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. On November 2, 1971, Martha Vickers passed away in Hollywood, California, from cancer of the esophagus. She was 46.

Sometimes Martha Vickers is credited as Martha MacVicar. Martha Vickers performed under her real name through 1944.

Martha Vickers got her start in the entertainment field as a model, before being signed by David O. Selznick. She made her big splash at the age of 21 in Warner Brothers' The Big Sleep, where she played Carmen, the wild sister of Lauren Bacall.

In the 1950s, Martha Vickers acted in such TV series as The Unexpected, G.E. True Theater, The Whistler, The Millionaire and Perry Mason.

Vickers is the mother of Teddy Rooney, a son born when she was married to Micky Rooney.

Martha also had two children, from her third marriage to Manuel Rojas.

Martha Vickers' notable movie credits include...

Four Fast Guns (1960)
The Burglar (1957)
The Big Bluff (1955)
Alimony (1949)
Bad Boy (1949)
Daughter Of The West(1949)
Ruthless (1948)
Love And Learn (1947)
That Way With Women (1947)
The Big Sleep (1946)
The Time, The Place And The Girl (1946)
The Falcon In Mexico (1944)
Marine Raiders (1944)
Captive Wild Woman (1943)
Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man (1943)

Martha Vickers' notable TV credits include...

The Rebel (1960)
Perry Mason (1959)
Playhouse 90 (1957)
The Millionaire (1956)
Fireside Theater (1955)
The Whistler (1954)
Ford Theatre (1954)
General Electric Theater (1951-1953)
The Unexpected (1952)

Martha Vickers with Hillary Brooke in Alimony (1949).

Vickers in Love and Learn (1947)... top picture with Barbara Brown, Craig
Stevens, and Otto Kruger... second picture with Jack Carson, Robert Hutton
and Janis Paige... picture 3 with Robert Hutton... picture 4 with Jack Carson
and Janis Paige... picture 5 with Don McGuire... pictures 6 and 7 with Robert
Hutton... picture 8 with Otto Kruger... picture 9 with Jack Carson and Robert
Hutton... picture 10 with Robert Hutton... bottom picture with Craig Stevens.

In That Way with Women (1947)... top and bottom pictures with Sydney
Greenstreet... picture 2 with Greenstreet, Barbara Brown and Dane Clark...
picture 3 with Richard Bartell and Dane Clark... picture 4 with Dane Clark.

In The Big Sleep (1946)... with Humphrey Bogart in middle picture...
with Bogart and Lauren Bacall in bottom picture.

In The Falcon in Mexico (1944)... with Tom Conway
in top picture... with Ida Lupino in bottom picture.

Martha Vickers and Dennis Morgan in The Time, the Place and the Girl (1946).