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Lois Maxwell –

Maxwell in LIVE AND LET DIE.
About Lois Maxwell (1927 – 2007)
Lois Maxwell was born on Valentine's Day, February 14, 1927, in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Her birth name is Lois Hooker.

Against, her parents will and without their knowledge, she began her acting career in a Canadian children's radio program called Robin Wells. Before Lois Maxwell turned fifteen years of age, she left Canada for England with the Canadian Army's Entertainment Corps. In England, she enrolled in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. She met Roger Moore the actor at the academy and they became life long friends.

She married Peter Churchill Marriott and they had two children.

In the late 1940's, Lois Maxwell appeared in a Life Magazine featuring several Hollywood starlets which included Marilyn Monroe.

She had roles in the first 14 Bond movies playing Miss Moneypenny with Roger Moore. While acting in the Bond Films during the 1980's she became a regular writer for the Toronto Sun Newspaper. She lived in a cottage in northern Ontario and would sometimes share in her column her experiences growing up in Canada and her movie roles. Her column was one of subscribers favorites and she was missed when she retired.

She began her movie career with a Warner Production, A Matter Of Life And Death, in 1946. Lois Maxwell's role greatly attributed to her winning the Golden Globe award for The Most Promising Newcomer in 1947. She acted in six more Hollywood productions before she decided to try her luck in Italy.

Lois Maxwell currently resides in Perth, Western Australia where she is writing her autobiography.

Lois Maxwell's notable credits include...

James bond: a BAFTA tribute - TV (2002)
the fourth angel (2001)
inside Dr. no (2000)
inside octopussy (2000)
hard to forget - TV (1998)
lady in the corner - TV (1989)
James bond: license to thrill (1987)
Alfred Hitchcock presents: if the shoe first - TV (1987)
a view to kill (1985)
octopussy (1983)
for your eyes only (1981)
Mr. patman (1980)
Moonraker (1979)
the spy who loved me (1977)
age of innocence (1977)
summer rain (1976)
the man with the golden gun (1974)
love and let die (1973)
diamonds are forever (1971)
the adventurers (1970)
on her majesty's secret service (1969)
you only live twice (1967)
OK Connery (1967)
thunderball (1965)
Goldfinger (1964)
from Russia with love (1963)
the haunting (1963)
Dr. no (1962)
Lolita (1962)
passport to treason (1956)
mantrap (1953)
Kazan (1949)
that Hagen girl (1947)

Lois Maxwell has won the following awards...

Golden Globe - The Hagen Girl (1948)


Lois Maxwell in The Haunting (1963).


Maxwell in Octopussy.



Lois Maxwell in Live And Let Die (1973).


Lois Maxwell in Lolita


Lois Maxwell in Goldfinger (1964).