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Linda Fiorentino –

Fiorentino in The Last Seduction.
About Linda Fiorentino (1960 – )
Linda Fiorentino was born on March 9, 1960 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Clorinda Fiorentino is Linda Fiorentino's birth name.

Linda Fiorentino's breakthrough came with the 1994 film, The Last Seduction.

In 1995, Linda Fiorentino was chosen by Empire magazine as one of the "100 Sexiest Stars" in film history (#66).

Trivia: Linda once won a movie role, in Men In Black, from Barry Sonnenfeld in a poker game.

Linda Fiorentino's notable movie credits include...

Once More With Feeling (2009)
Liberty Stands Still (2002)
Where The Money Is (2000)
what planet are you from? (2000)
ordinary decent criminal (2000)
dogma (1999)
body count (1998)
men in black (1997)
unforgettable (1996)
the last seduction (1994)
Stranger (1991)
After Hours (1985)


Linda Fiorentino in Men In Black.







Linda Fiorentino in Dogma.


Linda Fiorentino in Jade.