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Lee Strasberg –

Strasberg in ...AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.
About Lee Strasberg (1901 – 1982)
On November 17, 1901, Lee Strasberg was born in Budzanow, Austria-Hungary which is now Budanov, Ukraine. His birth name was Israel Lee Strassberg. His father was an innkeeper.

Strasberg emigrated with his family to the United States at age 7 but he did not become a United States Citizen until 1936.

On February 17, 1982, Lee Strasberg died in New York, New York of a heart attack. He is buried at Westchester Hills Cemetery in New York.

Lee Strasburg was married three times. In 1926 Lee Strasberg married Nora Krecaun, but they were divorced in 1929. Paula Miller married Lee Strasberg in 1934 – their marriage was far more successful, lasting until her death in 1966. Paula was also an acting coach, as well as a confidante of Marilyn Monroe. Anna Strasberg, the actress who had a role in The Fortunate Pilgrim in 1988 became Lee Strasberg's third wife. She was with Strasberg until he died in 1982.

Strasberg had a brief acting career before becoming one of the founders of the Group Theatre in 1931 where he directed several plays. The most influential years of Lee Strasberg's life was a result of becoming a director of the Actors Studio. He taught proponents of acting which he learned from the system brought to America by Konstantin Stanislavski and Stella Adler.

Lee Strasberg greatly influenced several generations of actors from James Dean to Dustin Hoffman with his coaching and teaching methods. Martin Landau said that Lee Strasberg was a hard taskmaster as far as an acting teacher. Landau also said that he pushed his students to deliver excellent performances. Lee Strasberg trained some of our greatest American Actors such as Al Pacino, Ben Gazzara, Martin Landau, and Eli Wallach. John Strasberg, Lee Strasberg's son teaches where his father taught at the Actor's Studio in New York City.

As an actor, Lee Strasberg is best known for playing the Jewish gangster Hyman Roth in The Godfather: Part II in 1974. He was nominated for both a Golden Globe award and an Academy Award for his performance.

In Marilyn Monroe's will, she left Lee Strasberg total control of 75% of her estate which included the licensing of her image. She did this in gratitude for his mentorship and kindness before and after she became a star. Today, Anna Strasberg, Lee's widow, administers the estate which earns millions of dollars in licensing fees whenever an advertiser wants to use Monroe's image.

Lee Strasberg's last public appearance was on Night Of 100 Stars in 1982. It was a benefit for the Actors Fund at Radio City Music Hall in New York. Strasberg danced in the chorus line with the Rockettes. Dancing with him were Al Pacino and Robert De Niro.

Lee Strasberg's notable credits include...

The Godfather Trilogy
Broadway's Dreamers: The Legacy Of The Group Theatre (1989)
Skokie - TV (1981)
...And Justice For All (1979)
The Last Tenant (1978)
The Godfather Saga - TV (1977)
The Legend Of Marilyn Monroe (1964)
The Gun Runners (1958)
The Third Man (1949)
Somewhere In The Night (1946)
Parnell (1937)

Lee Strasberg has won the following awards...

Venice Film Festival - GOING IN STYLE (1980)
Hollywood Walk of Fame - Star