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Lee J. Cobb –

About Lee J. Cobb (1911 – 1976)

Lee J. Cobb was born on the Lower East Side in New York City. As a child, Cobb liked to play the violin, but when he broke his wrist, he had to give up the dream of becoming a musician as an adult. At age 17 he ran away from home to seek his fortune in Hollywood, playing in a few silent movies.

Lee J. Cobb returned to New York, acting in radio dramas and attending night school at City College at the start of the Depression.

Cobb appeared on Broadway in Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment, which closed after a short run and as Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman. He later reprised the role in a made-for-TV movie Death Of A Salesman in 1966. Arthur Miller reportedly wrote the role with Lee J. Cobb in mind.

In 1937 in his first film was North Of The Rio Grande in which Lee J. Cobb played the lead villain.

Cobb was nominated for an Oscar for his 1954 performance in On The Waterfront.

Lee J. Cobb was an ensemble player in the movie Exodus, in 1960, with Paul Newman, Eva Marie Saint and Ralph Richardson. He played in the Cinerama movie, How The West Was Won, with James Stewart, John Wayne and Gregory Peck, in 1962.

He also played in the spy spoof Our Man Flint, with James Coburn in 1966 and its sequel, In Like Flint in 1967. Lee was starred in Coogan's Bluff, a Clint Eastwood detective movie.

Cobb was a regular on The Virginian television series (1962-66) and The Young Lawyers (1970-71).

Lee J. Cobb's notable movie credits include...

that lucky touch (1975)
the exorcist (1973)
the man who loved cat dancing (1973)
coogan's bluff (1968)
in like flint (1966)
our man flint (1966)
four horseman of the apocalypse (1962)
twelve angry men (1957)
the three faces of eve (1957)
down rio grande way (1942)


Lee J. Cobb in Our Man Flint (1966).



Lee J. Cobb in Coogan's Bluff (1968).