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Larry Storch –

Storch in F-TROOP.
About Larry Storch (1923 – )
Larry Storch was born on January 8, 1923 in New York City.

Gifted as an impressionist, Storch learned as a teen that his acts could pay off in vaudeville houses.

Playing a sub for an ailing Frank Morgan was how Larry Storch received his first break on radio with The Kraft Music Hall. In the summer of 1949 Larry Storch was hosting replacement on the TV variety Cavalcade of Stars (1949) which led to his own variety series The Larry Storch Show (1953).

Larry Storch made a leap into legit acting with the musical You Never Know (1955) and comedies The Tender Trap (1956) and Who Was That Lady I Saw You With? (1958).

Storch is a staunch New Yorker, that likes to play his sax in Central Park, New York.

In 1951 Larry had his film, beginning with an unbilled bit in the Universal costumer The Prince Who Was a Thief (1951).

During WWII, Larry Storch served on a submarine with Tony Curtis. They became lifelong friends. Storch and Curtis have appeared in 8 movies together.

In 2003, both Larry Storch and Tony Curtis were in the (theatrical) musical version of Some Like It Hot that toured across the country. Larry's biggest claim to fame would come via his role as Forrest Tucker's beleaguered sidekick, Corporal Agarn, on the western comedy F Troop (1965).

Finding an animated lucrative outlet Larry Storch gave vocal life to animation in four decades' worth of cartoons, including the Tennessee Tuxedo, Underdog, Pink Panther and Scooby-Doo series. In 1961, Larry Storch also gave life to the voice of Koko the Clown in the syndicated cartoon show Out of the Inkwell.

Larry Storch's notable movie credits include...

Bittersweet Places (2005)
I Don't Buy Kisses Anymore (1992)
Medium Rare (1987)
Record City (1978)
Journey Back To Oz (1974)
Oliver Twist (1974)
treasure island (1973)
the great bank robbery (1969)
the great race (1965)
sex and the single girl (1964)
who was that lady i saw you with? (1960)
Gun Fever (1958)



Storch in Sex and the Single Girl (1964).


Larry Storch in The Great Race.




Larry Storch in F Troop (1965-67 TV series).


Larry Storch in The Great Bank Robbery (1969).