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Lance Guest –


Guest in The Last Starfighter.

About Lance Guest (1960 – )
Lance Guest was born on July 21, 1960 in Saratoga, California.

Guest has had several TV guest appearances some of his role were on JAG (2001), Party of Five (1996), and The Wonder Years (1992). He also was in the TV Series St. Elsewhere. Lance Guest played orderly Sean Rooney in three different episodes.

Lance Guest's notable movie credits include...

21 And A Wake-Up (2009)
The Least Of These (2008)
Shadowbox (2007)
Mach 2 (2001)
Jaws: The Revenge (1987)
Waiting To Act (1985)
The Last Starfighter (1984)
I Ought To Be In Pictures (1982)
Halloween II (1981)


Lance Guest in The Last Starfighter.