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Klaus Maria Brandauer –

_klaus-maria-brandauer-top-pic Brandauer in Russia House.
About Klaus Maria Brandauer (1944 – )
Klaus Maria Brandauer was born on June 22, 1944 in Alt Aussee, Austria.

Isaak-Armand Urlauber is Klaus Maria Brandauer's nickname, although his birth name is Klaus Georg Steng. He took his acting name from his mother, whose maiden name was Maria Brandauer.

In 1963, Karin Brandauer and Klaus Maria Brandauer were married together they have one child. Karin Brandauer passed away on November 13, 1992. She was a writer and director.

Director István Szabó gave Klaus Maria Brandauer his first main leading role in Mephisto in 1981.

Working again with Director István Szabó, Klaus Maria Brandauer made a group of three movies that formed the German Trilogy this group included Oberst Redl And Hanussen.

It was in 1972, that Klaus Maria Brandauer made his film debut in The Salzburg Connection.

The role the Klaus Maria Brandauer will be best remembered for is his portrayal of Baron Bror Blixen in 1985's Out of Africa. Klaus also received a Best Supporting Actor nomination role this role.

Taking on new challenges in 1989, Klaus Maria Brandauer directed his first movie titles Georg Elser - Einer Aus Deutschland. Klaus also played a leading role in this movie.

Klaus Maria Brandauer's notable movie credits include...

Manipulation (2011)
Tetro (2009)
Between Strangers (2002)
Jedermanns Fest (2002)
The Gaul (2001)
The Diver (2000)
vera, nadezha, krov' (2000)
Rembrandt (1999)
the Russia house (1990)
burning secret (1988)
out of Africa (1985)
never say never again (1983)
the salzburg connection (1972)

Klaus Maria Brandauer and Mira Sorvino in Between Strangers (2002).
Klaus Maria Brandauer in Druids (2001).
Brandauer in George Elser Einer aus Deutschland (1989).
Brandauer in Hanussen (1988).
In King Lear (2013).
In Mephisto (1981).
In Never Say Never Again (1983).
Brandauer in Out of Africa (1985)... top picture with Meryl Streep.
With Wesley Snipes and Adrian Pasdar in Streets of Gold (1986).
05_the-russia-house-pic1-with-sean-connery 04_the-russia-house-pic2-with-sean-connery
With Sean Connery in The Russia House (1990).
With Julia Jentsch in The Strange Case of Wilhelm Reich (2012).
In The Way to Freedom.
01_white_fang_pic1_with_ethan_hawke 00_white_fang_pic2_with_ethan_hawke
Klaus Maria Brandauer in White Fang (1991).