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Julie Christie –

Christie in Darling.

Darling (Drama)

Julie Christie received the Best Actress Oscar for playing the ruthless model, who fights her way to the top of the social ladder.

About Julie Christie (1941 – )
julie-christie-photoBritish leading actress.

She started with a small repertory theatre and did some work on British TV. After her first film Billy Liar Julie Christie gained more stage experience.

In 1971, Julie Christie was nominated for her performance in: McCabe and Mrs. Miller.

Julie Christie was born in 1941 in India, the daughter of a British tea planter and a Welsh painter. She was schooled in England and in Paris. After some stage work and film ingenue roles, she rose to prominence for her complex portrayal of Diana Scott, a woman who transforms over the course of the film Darling, from foxy teen to jaded socialite. Her highly praised performance earned her an Oscar. This portrayal was topped by her portrayal of the beautiful, passionate wartime nurse, Lara, in the 1965 smash hit, Doctor Zhivago the story of the triumphs and travails of a doctor during the Russian Revolution.

Julie Christie's next project was Fahrenheit 451, a sci fi exploration of a future in which books are banned, as the vapid Linda, wife of fireman Oskar Werner, whose job is to burn books. She then played the lead role in John Schlesinger's film adaptation of Thomas Hardy's Far From The Madding Crowd, the story of the trials and loves of a fiery young woman who inherits a sheep farm and decides to manage it herself in 19th century England.

After taking up with actor Warren Beatty and living in a beach house in Malibu, Christie eschewed the steady work that would have stoked her stardom, preferring to take charge of her own life her own way, rather than become an industry commodity. Julie Christie made three films with Beatty, Shampoo and Heaven Can Wait and the complex Robert Altman Western, McCabe and Mrs. Miller, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award.

In the mid 70's she returned to the U.K., working on behalf of animals rights and nuclear disarmament. Julie Christie has worked fairly steadily at her own pace, continuing to garner praise and acclaim for her portrayals, such as in Afterglow, with Nick Nolte, for which she was again nominated for an Academy Award. She starred in the Daphne du Maurier thriller adaptation, Don't Look Now, with Donald Sutherland. Christie was nominated for an Oscar for her work in Away From Her, in which she plays a woman suffering from Alzheimer's who takes up with a lover,when she moves to an assisted living facility, much to the confusion of her husband. Julie Christie's notable movie credits include...

crooks anonymous (1962)
young cassidy (1965)
doctor zhivago (1965)
fahrenheit 451 (1966)
far from the madding crowd (1967)
petulia (1968)
the go-between (1970)
don't look now (1973)
shampoo (1975)
demon seed (1977)
heaven can wait (1978)
the return of the soldier (1982)
the gold diggers (1983)
power (1986)
miss mary (1986)
fools of fortune (1990)
the railway station man (1992)
dragonheart (1996)
hamlet (1996)
afterglow (1997)
no such thing (2001)
the hermit of amsterdam
i'm with lucy(2002)
troy (2004)
finding neverland (2004)
harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban (2004)
The Secret Life Of Words (2005)
Away From Her (2006)

Julie Christie's television credits include...

A For Andromeda (TV Series 1961)
Vater Und Sohne (Mini-Series)




Christie with Warren Beatty in Shampoo (1975).



Julie Christie in Doctor Zhivago.

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Julie Christie in Darling.




Christie in Belphegor - Phantom Of The Louvre (2001) .






Julie Christie in Don't Look Now (1973) .





Julie Christie in Fahrenheit 451 (1966).



Julie Christie in Heaven Can Wait.




Julie Christie in Finding Neverland (2004).