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Judith Anderson –

judith-photos Anderson in Rebecca.

About Judith Anderson (1897– 1992)
Judith Anderson was born on February 10, 1897 in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. Judith passed away on January 3, 1992 in Santa Barbara, California from pneumonia.

Anderson's birth name was Frances Margaret Anderson-Anderson. Judith made her stage debut in her native Australia, Anderson then came to America in 1918.

Judith made her soap opera debut in 1984 on Santa Barbara.

In 1959 Judith Anderson was made a British Dame. Judith received the Women's International Center Living Legacy Award in 1986.

Anderson was the first, and perhaps the only, actress to win two Emmy Awards for playing the same role in two separate television productions of the same play, the Hallmark Hall of Fame production of Shakespeare's Macbeth, staged and broadcast in 1954 and 1960.

Judith Anderson won the 1948 Tony award for Best Actress in a Dramatic Play for her performance as Medea.

In 1940 Anderson turned an Oscar-nomination performance for Alfred Hitchcock's Rebecca.
She was wonderfully creepy, and really earned the Best Supporting Actress for this film.

Judith earned a reputation as one of the New York theater's finest actresses. Her portrayals of Lady Macbeth in the 1937 and 1941 productions are nearly legendary.

Judith Anderson's notable movie credits include...

impure thoughts (1986)
star trek iii (1984)
inn of the damned (1974)
a man called horse (1970)
don't bother to knock (1961)
the red house (1947)
and then there were none (1945)
kings row (1942)
Free And Easy (1941)
Blood Money (1933)




Judith Anderson (with Joan Fontaine) in Rebecca.





Judith Anderson in Kings Row (1942).