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Jack Kelly –

_Jack-Kelly-top-pic-sale-of-the-century Kelly in SALE OF THE CENTURY.

About Jack Kelly (1927 – 1992)

Jack Kelly was born John Augustus Kelly Jr. on September 16, 1927, in Astoria, New York, into a prominent theatrical family with members in show business. Jackie was one in four children of actress Nan Kelly and John Augustus Kelly, Sr.

Jack was an actor in rugged films and TV, a child performer on radio and stage. Jack Kelly is best remembered for the character he played in the original TV series, Maverick, in the late 1950s, as well as the other projects on TV that told stories of the Maverick brothers.

Jack Kelly was the son of actress Nan Kelly, and the brother of the actress Nancy Kelly. His older sister, Nancy, became a prominent child actor, and a lot of energy was put into her early career.

Jack started as a child model in soap ads, up until the age of nine, when he appeared in his first Broadway stage production, SWING YOUR LADY, that starred Hope Emerson. He was cast in other Broadway shows and radio programs as well.

In 1938, the family moved from New York to California. He went to St. John's Military Academy, and then attended to USC for two years, as a law student. He had dropped out of acting to focus on his education and to save his money earned.

Jack had enrolled in UCLA, when he was drafted in 1945 into the army, and went to boot camp at Camp Roberts, California. He was sent to Alaska to observe weather, far from the hot zones in the world.

After he was discharged, Jack went back to UCLA, and started acting on radio programs, such as LUX RADIO THEATER. After going to UCLA, he joined a local theater, The Circle Theatre, getting more stage experience. When he was in the stage play, ANNA LUCASTA, at The Coronet Theater, his acting skills were noticed by several Hollywood directors, looking for talent.

Jack's debut film was FIGHTING MAN OF THE PLAINS;(1949), starring Randolph Scott, though it was in an uncredited role. His first credited role was in the 1950 film, WHERE DANGER LIVES.

More small supporting actor roles followed in 1950-1952. In 1953, Jack started to get bigger supporting actor roles, such as in films like THE REDHEAD FROM WYOMING, GUNSMOKE, and THE STAND AT APACHE RIVER.

The year 1954 brought even stronger supporting actor parts his way, such as in films like DRIVE A CROOKED ROAD, BLACK TUESDAY, and THEY RODE WEST.

In 1955, he got fourth billing in the crime adventure DOUBLE JEOPARDY, and TO HELL AND BACK; a film where he had a strong supporting actor role, playing Kerrigan.

Jack's break-through performance was in the 1956 adventure cult classic, FORBIDDEN PLANT.

Jack landed a television role as one of the Maverick brothers, on the TV Series hit, MAVERICK;(1957-1962). His acting career continued to roll along in the 1960s'.

In the late 1970s, Jack got more and more involved with real estate and politics in Huntington Beach, Calif., putting his acting career on the second burner.

During the 1980s', and early 1990s, he was a Huntington Beach City Councilman and Mayor as well, though he guest-starred on TV series on occasion, and even was in a TV Movie, PALMS PRECINCT;(1982).


Jack Kelly passed away on November 7, 1992, in Huntington Beach, California, from a stroke.

He was survived by his second wife, Joanne Smith, whom he married in 1969, and their daughter, Nicole.

Jack Kelly's notable movie credits include...

MAVERICK (1957-1962 TV series)
SHE DEVIL (1957)

Jack Kelly in Forbidden Planet (1956)... top picture with Leslie Nielsen, Walter Pidgeon, Warren Stevens, and Robby the Robot... second picture with Leslie Nielsen, Richard Anderson, Earl Holliman, Warren Stevens, and Robby... third picture with Leslie Nielsen and Richard Anderson... fourth picture with Leslie Nielsen... fifth picture with Warren Stevens, Leslie Nielsen, and Richard Anderson... bottom picture with Warren Stevens, Leslie Nielsen, Walter Pidgeon, and Robby the Robot.
Jack Kelly with Kristin Harmon, Ricky Nelson,
and Madelyn Himes in Love and Kisses (1965).
Kelly in Maverick (1957)... top picture with Tol Avery... second picture with Anthony Caruso... third picture with Karen Steele... sixth picture with Efrem Zimbalist Jr... eighth picture with Pat Crowley and Ruta Lee... ninth picture with Roger Moore... tenth picture with James Garner.
With Ann Blyth, King Donovan, and
Hugh O'Brian in Sally and Saint Anne (1952).
Kelly in The Night Holds Terror (1955)... top picture with David Cross and Vince Edwards... middle picture with Hildy Parks...
bottom picture with Hildy Parks and Vince Edwards.
With Julie Adams, Edgar Barrier, Jaclynne Greene, Hugh
Marlow, and Stephen McNally in The Stand at Apache River (1953).
Jack Kelly, Audie Murphy, Paul Picerni, and
Marshall Thompson in To Hell and Back (1955).