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Honor Blackman –

Blackman in GOLDFINGER.

About Honor Blackman (1927 – 2020 )

Honor Blackman was born in London, England. Honor Blackman attended the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. She started working as a civil servant, like her father. During World War II, Honor worked as a dispatch rider, dispatching messages either by motorcycle or horseback.

Honor Blackman started her acting career with a few roles on the London stage. Blackman started in movies, playing ingenue types. She then had a role in CONSPIRATOR, with Elizabeth Taylor and Robert Taylor, in 1949.

After a nervous collapse following a divorce in the 50s, and a break from acting, she re-entered the entertainment industry in B movies, such as the 1958 Titanic story, A NIGHT TO REMEMBER, with Kenneth More and David McCallum.

She then got back on track with THE SQUARE PEG (1959) and A MATTER OF WHO (1961) with Terry Thomas.

Honor Blackman was then cast as Mrs. Emma Peel in the popular television series, THE AVENGERS; (1961). The well written show showcased her beauty, confidence and athletic bravado, dressed her in a black leather cat suit and had her judo chopping villains to the ground. When she left the show at the height of its popularity, classically trained Dianna Rigg took her place.

Her highly memorable role as Emma Peel was overshadowed by her spectacular portrayal of Pussy Galore, a sexy pilot who betrays her villain boss, saves James Bond, played by Sean Connery, and has her way with him in a life raft in the James Bond classic, GOLDFINGER.

Honor Blackman continued working in films and television. Her stage work has been highly praised. Well into her 80's. and still remarkably beautiful, Honor continues to perform.

Honor was chosen by Empire magazine as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history (#51).

Honor credits her father for her acting career because on her fifteenth birthday he offered Honor a choice of a bicycle or elocution classes; guess which one she picked!

Honor Blackman's notable movie credits include...

Color Me Kubrick (2005)
Bridget Jones's Diary (2001)
To Walk with Lions (1999)
The Cat and the Canary (1979)
Age of Innocence (1977)







Honor Blackman in GOLDFINGER (1964).