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Heath Ledger, Award Winner –

ledger-imageLedger in THE DARK KNIGHT

About Heath Ledger (1979 – 2008)

Born and raised in Australia, Heath Ledger was a handsome actor with a great deal of talent, who bucked his image as a cute, hunky guy by choosing meaty projects that gave him ample opportunity to flex his acting muscles.

Heath Ledger came to the United States to start his movie career, after finding working in the Australian television industry.

His breakthrough role came in the 2000 movie, THE PATRIOT, at the age of 21. Heath played a brave Revolutionary War soldier and son of the protagonist, played by Mel Gibson, who became Heath's acting mentor.

Heath played a cute, charming guy seeking his fortune with forged credentials at medieval jousting tournaments in the campy movie, A KNIGHT'S TALE [2001].

Rebelling against his image as a hunky guy, Heath played a derailed 17th century libertine in the Lasse Hallstrom fantasia on the life of CASANOVA [2005]. He next played against type when he chose to portray a gay lover in BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN [2005]. His acting received a great deal of critical acclaim, including Best Actor of 2005 from the New York Film Critics Association. Peter Travers of Rolling Stone wrote, "Ledger's magnificent performance is an acting miracle."

Heath also directed and produced several music videos.

Ledger was one of six actors to play the character of Bob Dylan in the film, I'M NOT THERE [2007]. He gave a disturbingly dark performance under a deliberately hideous make up job, as the Joker in the Batman film, THE DARK KNIGHT [2008].

Heath Ledger played in Terry Gilliam's THE IMAGINARIUM OF DR. PARNASSUS [2009]. The film was unfinished when he died an accidental death from a prescription drug mix. His friends Johnny Depp and Colin Farrell stepped in to finish the role for him.

Though Heath died tragically, he still leaves a daughter, Matilda Rose Ledger who was born on October 28, 2005; a child that Heath had with his finacee, Michelle Williams. Heath and Michelle met on the set of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. Heath took a year off work to raise his daughter, Matilda, in 2006, so Michelle could work.

High-lights of his film career, and a sampling of his many awards:


2000 - THE PATRIOT - Won a Blockbuster Entertainment Award; Favorite Male - Newcomer category.



2005 - BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN - Won Best Actor awards (International Award-Australian Institute * New York Film Critics Circle & San Francisco Film critics Circle). Nominated for Best Actor - Academy Award.

2008 - THE DARK KNIGHT - Best Supporting Actor Winner - 2009 Academy Awards.
Won Best Supporting Actor - Critic's choice Awards, BSFC Award, & Australian Institute





Heath Ledger in BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN (2005).




Heath Ledger in THE DARK KNIGHT (2008).