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Dudley Moore –

Moore in 10.

About Dudley Moore (1935 – 2002)

Dudley Moore was born on April 19, 1935, in Dagenham, Essex, England. He was the son of an English mother; Ada Francis (Hughes), who worked as a secretary. His Glasgow-born father, John Havlin Moore, was an electrician who worked for the railway.

Dudley Moore's birth name was Dudley Stuart John Moore, and his nickname was "Cuddly Dudley", because of his small stature;(5 ft, 2.5 inches), and because he had the reputation of being a lady's man. He didn't settle down until he turned 38.

Dudley Moore was either unlucky in love or a hard person to remain married with; probably because he didn't pick potential spouses well. Dudley Moore was married and divorced four times, with marriages that only lasted for 3 to 4 years. He had a son; Patrick, with 2nd wife Tuesday, in 1975, at the age of 40. At the age of 60, Dudley had a son, Nicholas Anthony Moore, with wife Nicole.

Dudley was on good terms with three of his ex-wives:Suzy Kendall; (1968-1972), Tuesday Weld;(1975-1980), and Brogan Lane;(1988-1991). Nicole Rothschild; (1994-1998) proved herself to be not a nice person, and was forbidden to come to his funeral. She falsely claimed that Dudley beat her up, when he didn't; causing him to be arrested despite of all of his health issues. She later dropped the charges.

Dudley was born with club feet. His right foot responded to extended medical treatment, but his left foot did not, and became twisted, making his leg below his left knee whithered. Dudley Moore was teased a lot during his growing up years.

On the bright side, Dudley was a child prodigy in music, a gift that his parents encouraged. At the age of 6, he began his musical training, and sang in a church choir. At 11, Dudley won
a full scholarship to Guildhall School of Music, that offers both music and drama. Dudley studied harpsichord, organ, violin, musical theory and composition. At the age of 14, Dudley was playing the organ at local church weddings.

Dudley Moore won a scholarship to Magdalen College, Oxford, where he studied music and composition, becoming an accomplished jazz composer and pianist while still a college student.

During his college years, in the 1950s, Dudley was a regular member of The Johnny Dankworth Seven, where he proved himself to be an accomplished jazz pianist. After graduating from Magdalen College, in 1958, Moore was offered a position as organist at King's College, Cambridge, but he turned it down, and left The Johnny Dankworth Seven as well. Dudley had decided to go to London and try his gifts in comedy and acting. He joined his friend, Peter Cook, in developing a new comedy troupe.

Moore, Peter Cook, Jonathan Miller, and Alan Bennett formed "Beyond the Fringe" in the early 1960's, Moore and Cook later teamed for several two-man shows. All of these comedy reviews were stunning successes with the public in England. In 1962, "Beyond the Fringe" made it to the Broadway stage in America, where it was a huge success!

Dudley Moore won two 'special' Tony awards in 1963 and 1974 along with Peter Cook for their work in the two 'Fringe' comedy review shows.

In addition to his acting talents, Dudley Moore is an accomplished pianist who also composed the scores for such films as BEDAZZLED; (1967), INADMISSABLE EVIDENCE; 1968), STAIRCASE; (1969), and SIX WEEKS;(1982).

After marrying his second wife, Tuesday Weld, Dudley Moore came to Hollywood, in 1975, to try his luck in films, and do some composing as well. He was a hit in FOUL PLAY;(1978), 10;(1979) and his mega-success, ARTHUR;(1981), for which he received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.

Dudley was also having fun being a pianist, giving concerts, and writing scores for a number of films.

Dudley was also a co-owner of the restaurant, "72 Market Street", in Venice, Los Angeles. Whenever he visited there, Dudley would play the piano for the dinner patrons.

In 1983, Dudley Moore won the NATO Male Star of the Year Award.

In September 1997, Dudley underwent open heart surgery in London, and suffered four minor strokes.

In September of 1999, Dudley let the world in on his long-held medical secret, by announcing that he was afflicted with progressive supra-nuclear palsy; a terminal illness.

Dudley was made a Commander of the British Empire (CBE) in June of 2001, nine months before he died. Although in a wheelchair because of his progressive supranuclear palsy, Dudley went in person to receive his honor from Queen Elizabeth 2.

Dudley passed away on March 27, 2002, in Plainfield New Jersey, from pneumonia as a complication of his progressive supranuclear palsy with good friend, Rene, holding his hand. His last words were, "I can hear music all around me."

Dudley Moore's notable movie credits include...

ARTHUR 2 (1988)
MICKI + MAUDE (1984)
SIX WEEKS (1982)
ARTHUR (1981)
10 (1979)
FOUL PLAY (1978)


Dudley Moore with Julie Andrews in 10.




Dudley Moore, and his co-stars, in ARTHUR (1981).



Dudley Moore in FOUL PLAY with Goldie Hawn.





Dudley Moore in MICKI + MAUDE (1984).