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Delevingne in The Face of an Angel.

About Cara Delevingne (1992 – ____)

Cara Jocelyn Delevingne was born in Hammersmith, London, the daughter of Pandora Anne Delevingne (née Stevens) and property developer Charles Hamar Delevingne. She grew up in Belgravia, London, one of the wealthiest districts in the world.

Delevingne has two older sisters, Chloe and model Poppy Delevingne. Her godfather is Condé Nast executive Nicholas Coleridge and her godmother is actress Joan Collins. Delevingne's maternal grandfather was publishing executive and English Heritage chairman Sir Jocelyn Stevens, the nephew of magazine publisher Sir Edward George Warris Hulton and the grandson of newspaper proprietor Sir Edward Hulton, 1st Baronet. Her paternal great-grandfather was the Canadian-born British politician Hamar Greenwood, 1st Viscount Greenwood, and her maternal grandmother Janie Sheffield was lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret. Through one of her maternal great-great-grandfathers, Sir Lionel Lawson Faudel-Phillips, 3rd Baronet, Delevingne descends from the Anglo-Jewish Faudel-Phillips baronets; two of her ancestors on that line served as Lord Mayor of London.

She attended Francis Holland School for Girls in central London, until she was 16, before moving to Bedales School in Hampshire. She has dyspraxia and consequently found school challenging. In June 2015, in an interview with Vogue, Delevingne opened up in regards to the peak of her battle with depression when she was 15 years old. She said, "I was hit with a massive wave of depression and anxiety and self-hatred, where the feelings were so painful that I would slam my head against a tree to try to knock myself out." At age 16, after completing her GCSE examinations she moved to Bedales School in Hampshire, to focus on drama and music. After one year she dropped out and followed the career path of her sister, Poppy, into modeling.

She played her first film role in the 2012 film adaptation of Anna Karenina, as Princess Sorokina, the marriage interest of Count Vronsky, alongside Keira Knightley.

In June 2014, she made her TV debut in the final episode of Playhouse Presents, a series of self-contained TV plays made by British broadcaster Sky Arts. Delevingne was featured as Chloe, opposite veteran British actress Sylvia Syms.

Delevingne went on to play the part of Melanie in the British psychological thriller film The Face of an Angel, accompanied by Daniel Brühl and Kate Beckinsale. The film received mixed reviews, but many critics commended Delevingne's performance. "In her first major film role, she proves she can act with a sweet and playful on-screen presence," wrote a critic for The Metro. "She brings a sense of vitality that is desperately missing from the rest of the film."

In October 2014 she starred in a sketch for an annual 90-minute comedy TV event called The Feeling Nuts Comedy Night, which aired on Channel 4 and was designed to raise awareness of testicular cancer. A month later, she was featured in South African group Die Antwoord's latest music video for their song, Ugly Boy. Then in December 2014, Delevingne starred in Reincarnation, a short film by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel alongside Pharrell Williams and Geraldine Chaplin.

In February 2015, Delevingne appeared in ASAP Ferg's music video for his song Dope Walk. Later in May 2015, she was also in Taylor Swift's star-studded Bad Blood music video, which went on to break Vevo's 24-hour viewing record, with 20.1 million views in its day of release.

Delevingne co-starred in the adaptation of John Green's novel, Paper Towns, as Margo Roth Spiegelman. Rotten Tomatoes' critical consensus reads, "Paper Towns isn't as deep or moving as it wants to be, yet it's still earnest, well-acted, and thoughtful enough to earn a place in the hearts of teen filmgoers of all ages." Of Delevingne's performance, Justin Chang of Variety called her "the real find of the film", suggesting that "on the evidence of her work here, this striking actress is here to stay".

She played a mermaid in the 2015 fantasy film Pan. In 2016, Delevingne co-starred as Enchantress, a villainess with magical abilities, in Suicide Squad, an action film based on the DC comic book series of the same name. The film was released to generally negative reviews but was a box office success. Delevingne's performance was well received.

Delevingne will star alongside Dane DeHaan and Rihanna in the upcoming Luc Besson film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, an adaptation of the comic book series Valérian and Laureline, which began filming in December 2015 and is scheduled for a 2017 release.

Delevingne is also set to feature in several other upcoming movies, the first of which is Kids in Love, a British coming of age drama. The cast includes many up and coming young actors, with Will Poulter and Alma Jodorowsky as lead roles alongside Sebastian de Souza and Delevingne who plays the role of Viola. She plays Henrietta in the period romance film Tulip Fever. She also plays the role of Kath Talent in the film London Fields, based on the 1989 novel of the same name by Martin Amis.

Cara Delevingne's movie credits include...

Year Movie Role
2012Anna KareninaPrincess Sorokina
2014Reincarnation by ChanelNaughty Barmaid
Empress Elisabeth of Austria
2014The Face of an AngelMelanie
2015Paper TownsMargo Roth Spiegelman
2016Kids in LoveViola
2016Suicide SquadJune Moone / Enchantress
2016London FieldsKath Talent
2017Tulip FeverHenrietta
2017Valerian and the City of a Thousand PlanetsLaureline

Cara Delevingne's television credits include...

Year Show/Series Role
2014 Playhouse Presents: "Timeless" Chloe

Memorable Quotes by Cara Delevingne

“ I want to fall in love, I think. I've never. I know. Everyone I know's been in love or in relationships now and... There's only ever been... there's been people telling me they love me, but it freaks me out and I just run, run. I think I'm a bad girlfriend. ”

“ Kids should speak to each other. They're horrid to each other online, they bully each other — they should shut up and stop it. The problem with social media is there is too much freedom. It's too much, too young. ”

“ It's hard finding people you trust or who aren't going to take your money. Everyone wants to get a piece of whatever you're doing. It's a nightmare. ”

“ Fame, do I like it? No. It has bought a lot for me in my career, but there are a lot of downsides to it. You give up your privacy. I did it to myself but not to my family and friends. You don't ask for it. You just have to live with it. ”

“ When I was younger, I liked money--the feel of it. I would sit with my dad and count his coins and be like, "Yeah". I'd saved £700 by the age of 10. I thought, "What the hell am I hoarding this for?". So I bought a drum kit. ”

“ I'd love to work with Tarantino, Scorsese, Sofia Coppola - all of them! I love thrillers and action movies. I love good horror films. I watched them so much when I was younger that I find it impossible to get scared. ”

Things You May Not Know About Cara Delevingne

Much of her ancestry is English. One of her maternal great-great-grandfathers, Sir Lionel Lawson Faudel Faudel-Phillips, 3rd Baronet, was from a Jewish family (from Germany and Poland), and was the grandson of a Lord Mayor of London (1896/1897), Benjamin Samuel Phillips. Cara also has Welsh, Dutch, German, French, Scottish, and Irish ancestry, and Canadian-born forebears.

Her surname is pronounced "della-veen".

Cara is Gaelic for "friend".

She is a talented beatboxer and she also plays drums and guitar.

She occasionally suffers from outbreaks of stress-related psoriasis.

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Cara Delevingne and Dane DeHaan in Valerian and the
City of a Thousand Planets (2017)... bottom picture with Luc Besson.
Delevingne in Timeless (2014).
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In The Face of an Angel (2014)... top picture with Daniel Bruhl.
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As June Moone / Enchantress in Suicide Squad (2016).
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In Paper Towns (2015)... top two pics with Nat Wolff.
As a mermaid in Pan (2015).
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Cara Delevingne in Kids in Love (2016).