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Marling in Arbitrage.

About Brit Marling (1982 – ____)

Brit Heyworth Marling was born in Chicago, Illinois, the daughter of property developer parents John and Heidi Marling. She was named "Brit" after her Norwegian maternal great-grandmother. She grew up in Winnetka, Illinois and in Orlando, where she enrolled in the arts program at Dr. Phillips High School. Marling was interested in acting, but her parents encouraged her to focus on academics. She graduated from Georgetown University in 2005 with degrees in economics and studio art, and was her class valedictorian.

At Georgetown, Marling met her long-time collaborators, future directors Mike Cahill and Zal Batmanglij. Marling spent her junior year summer interning for the investment banking firm Goldman Sachs as an investment analyst. She felt a lack of meaning a life spent there would have and later turned down a job offer from the firm, opting instead to move to Cuba with Mike Cahill to film the documentary Boxers and Ballerinas. The documentary gained Marling recognition in 2004, having co-written the film with Mike Cahill and Nicholas Shumaker and co-directed with Cahill.

In 2005 Marling moved with Cahill and Batmanglij to Los Angeles. Marling went to auditions and was offered roles in horror films, but rejected them. She has stated she "wanted to be able to cast herself in roles that wouldn’t require her to play the typical parts offered to young actresses, the perfunctory girlfriend or a crime victim." She was discovered by talent agent Hylda Queally.

In the summer of 2009 she joined a group of freegans with friend Zal Batmanglij, living in tents and retrieving food from dumpsters, to explore how other young people were constructing a meaningful life.

Marling co-wrote, co-produced, and acted in the 2011 films Sound of My Voice and Another Earth, directed by Batmanglij and Cahill respectively. Both of these films were featured at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, with Another Earth winning the Alfred P. Sloan Prize for outstanding film with science, technology or math as a major theme. In 2012, she played Richard Gere's daughter in Arbitrage.

In 2013 she collaborated with Searchlight once again as co-writer and leading role in The East alongside Ellen Page and Alexander Skarsgård. Directed by Zal Batmanglij and co-written by Marling and Batmanglij, The East is based on the duo's experience as freegans and their concern with the side effects of prescription drugs.

Marling and Batmanglij collaborated to create drama series The OA that debuted in 2016 on Netflix. It was written by Marling and Batmanglij, who produced the series along with Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner of Plan B, and Michael Sugar of Anonymous Content.

Despite her many roles in films she has co-written, Marling stated she "get a lot more pleasure in acting in other people’s stories" since "one of the great pleasures of acting is surrendering to someone else's point of view of the world."

Brit Marling's movie credits include...

Year Movie Role
2007The RecordistCharlie Hall
2009Political DisastersBrit
2011Another EarthRhoda Williams
2011Sound of My VoiceMaggie
2012ArbitrageBrooke Miller
2013The EastSarah Moss/Jane Owen
2013The Company You KeepRebecca Osborne
2014The Better AngelsNancy Lincoln
2014I OriginsKaren
2014The Keeping RoomAugusta
2014PosthumousMcKenzie Grain

Brit Marling's television credits include...

Year Show/Series Role
2014BabylonLiz Garvey
2016–presentThe OAPrairie Johnson/The OA

Memorable Quotes by Brit Marling

“ I always started writing in order to act. I don't know that I could have the discipline to sit down and write if I was going to give it away. That would be too hard. But I love to act in stories that are outside my imagination because I can only conceive of so many things from my point of view. The thing that's intoxicating about being an actor is that you get to live in someone else's world for a while and I hope to do more of that. But I think I'll never stop writing now because I'm wondering why there aren't more representatives of women that are like the women we know. Where's the film with the women who are complicated and strong and beautiful and sexy and interesting and of all body types? You don't get to see enough of them. So there's something important in attempting to write them for myself and for the insanely talented women out there. ”

“ How terrifying to surrender your life to being chosen all the time. Having to be chosen and re-chosen. Writing so that I can act became a way of having not more control over my future but not having to wait for permission. You can choose yourself. Hmm, who should play this part? I nominate me! ”

“ We're all drinking from this cultural milk in which there are not many stories of strong, powerful, sexy, entitled women because there are not yet that many female writer-directors, but that's changing. That confusion-that oh my God she writes!-is so strange. It's funny. I just think there aren't many representations of how to be a girl or woman in the world. ”

“ The only reason I wanted to act is because it's the hardest thing in the world for me to do. I can't think of anything harder. I could probably be a heart surgeon easier. Acting requires this kind of monastic discipline. ”

“ We put limitations on the way that we think about things, on ourselves, think about all the boxes we live in, male or female, you're this age, that age, this is your job, this is not your job, everything is about getting boxed in. I think we accept a lot of those boxes, that labeling, and the way that we perceive the world, but what even is perception? It all seems pretty flexible to me. ”

“ I love acting in things I haven't been involved in the writing of. One of the great pleasures of acting is surrendering to someone else's point of view of the world - living inside a character and a story that never would have come out of your mind or heart. The litmus test for whether I want to take on a role or not is usually fear. If I'm afraid of it, then I want to do it. ”

Things You May Not Know About Brit Marling

She is good friends with Mike Cahill and Zal Batmanglij.

She was given the name Brit after her Norwegian maternal great-grandmother.

Graduated from Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando, Florida in 2000.

She is the sister of Morgan Marling.

Brit Marling in Another Earth (2011)... pictures two and three with William Mapother.
Marling and Richard Gere in Arbitrage (2012).
Marling with Gillian Jacobs in Community (2009).
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In I Origins (2014)... first, third, fourth, and fifth pictures with
Michael Pitt... sixth picture with Steven Yeun... bottom picture with Pitt and Yeun.
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In Sound of my Voice (2011)... first and fourth pictures with Christopher Denham.
Marling in The Better Angels (2014).
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In The Company You Keep (2012)... top picture with Shia LaBeouf.
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As Sarah Moss/Jane Owen in The East (2013)... top and bottom pictures
with Alexander Skarsgård... third picture with Ellen Page... seventh
picture with Patricia Clarkson... eighth picture with Shiloh Fernandez.
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In The Keeping Room (2014)... third, fourth, and sixth
pictures with Muna Otaru... fifth picture with Hailee Steinfeld.
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Marling in The OA (2016)... top picture with Jason Isaacs... fourth picture with Sharon Van Etten... fifth picture with Riz Ahmed... bottom picture with Brendan Meyer.
Brit Marling, with Bo Barrett and Brando Christensen, in The Recordist (2007).