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Amanda Root –

_amanda-root-top-pic-the-man-who-cried Root in THE MAN WHO CRIED.

About Amanda Root (1963 – )

Amanda Root was born in 1963 in Essex, England.

Amanda Root played the narrator and host for "Jane Austen's Life," which is continually displayed at the Jane Austen Centre in Bath, England.

Root starred in three different TV series in 2005:"Empire, The Robinsons" as Maggie Robinson, and "Brief Encounter" as June Makenzie. She is known, however, for her role on TV's 2003 series, "Love Again," as Maeve Brennan, and as Rachel Mortimer in 1998's "Mortimer's Law"

Amanda had repeated guest appearances as Miranda on the 2004 TV series "All About Me."

Amanda Root's notable movie credits include...

BLOOM (2004)
JANE EYRE (1996)
THE BFG (1989)

02_the-norman-conquests-pic1-with-jessica-hynes-stephen-mangan 01_the-norman-conquests-pic2 00_the-norman-conquests-pic3-with-stephen-mangan-jessica-hynes
Amanda Root in a stage production of
The Norman Conquests (2008)... top and bottom
pictures with Jessica Hynes and Stephen Mangan...
04_the-man-who-cried-pic1-with-ciaran-hinds-kate-buffery 03_the-man-who-cried-pic3-with-ciaran-hinds
Root in The Man Who Cried (1993)... top picture with Ciaran
Hinds and Kate Buffery... bottom picture with Ciaran Hinds.
In a stage production of The Herd (2013).
08_the-forsyte-saga-pic1-with-damian-lewis 07_the-forsyte-saga-pic2-with-ben-miles 06_the-forsyte-saga-pic3
Root in the TV mini-series The Forsyte Saga (2002-2003)...
top picture with Damian Lewis... middle picture with Ben Miles.
16_persuasion-pic1-with-ciaran-hinds-richard-mccabe 15_persuasion-pic2 14_persuasion-pic3 13_persuasion-pic4-with-ciaran-hinds-samuel-west 12_persuasion-pic5 11_persuasion-pic6-with-ciaran-hinds 10_persuasion-pic7-with-ciaran-hinds 09_persuasion-pic8
In Jane Austen's Persuasion (1995)... top picture with Ciaran Hinds and Richard McCabe... fourth picture with Hinds and Samuel West... sixth and seventh picture with Hinds.
With Paul Ready and Charles Edwards in
a radio production of Imo and Ben (2013).
In Deep in the Heart (1998).
Amanda Root in Bullmore and MacMillan — Family Tree (2011).