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Alec Baldwin –

_Alec-Baldwin-top-pic-Malice-1993 Alec Baldwin in MALICE.

About Alec Baldwin (1958 –)

Born Alexander Rae Baldwin III on April 3, 1958, in Massapequa, Long Island, New York.

Baldwin was nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in COOLER. Alec Baldwin was the producer as well as a star of the TV series, 30 ROCK. Alec has won 2 Emmys for his acting, as well as 3 Golden Globe Awards. He has also received 6 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

A suave, sexy, dark-haired man with a foxy physique and beguiling blue eyes, he is a natural leading man. And so it was that in 1990, People magazine ranked Alec Baldwin as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the world. Baldwin was again recognized for his sex appeal, in 1995 Empire magazine, as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history (#80).

He is the oldest of the four Baldwin Brothers in Hollywood and the most well known. His other acting brothers are Stephen, William and Daniel. His box office success came after his graduation from George Washington University where he majored in Political Science. Along with building success as a TV actor in the 1980s, Baldwin attended N.Y.U. and earned a B.A. in Drama in 1993.

In 1993, Alec was married to actress Kim Basinger, with whom he has a daughter. The couple divorced in 2002.

Baldwin is an avid animal rights activist and a vegetarian.

Throughout his long and prolific career in movies, in theatre, and on TV, Alec has proven his considerable talent as an thespian, as he excels at both drama, and comedy; whether he is performing on stage, in film or on a TV series. He certainly keeps himself busy and out of trouble!

Alec did star in a few feature films prior to the nineties: Forever, Lulu (1987), Married to the Mob; (1988), and Beetle Juice (1988).

Baldwin's breakthrough role came, in 1990, when he starred as C.I.A. analyst Jack Ryan, opposite Sean Connery; the Russian sub commander, in the Tom Clancy novel adaptation, The Hunt for Red October. This film was the first of a trilogy of films, depicting Tom Clancy's stories about agent Jack Ryan. When Alec declined to be Jack Ryan again, in Patriot Games, Harrison Ford took over this role, and was the star of the third film as well; A Clear and Present Danger.

The following year, Alec appeared in Neil Simon's comedy, The Marrying Man (1991).

For the 1992 film adaptation of David Mamet's play, GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS, he played the role of Blake, a sales motivator who browbeats, bullies and humiliates a deflated group of salesmen into action. The role was written especially for Baldwin in the film version.

1992 was also the year that Baldwin tried his luck with the Broadway production, A Streetcar Named Desire and was nominated for the 1992 Tony Award for Best Actor (Play). He later recreated the performance for a television version of the same title, in 1995.

Baldwin acted with his then spouse, Kim Basinger, in the remake of THE GETAWAY, in 1994. He portrayed the hot, foxy convict inmate, whose wife makes a deal with the devilish James Wood, to break her husband out of prison.

In 2003, Alec Baldwin played Mr. Conductor/Narrator for the PBS children's show, THOMAS AND FRIENDS.

In 2004, he played aviation pioneer and entrepreneur, Juan Trippe, as a member of the star-studded cast for the Howard Hughes biopic, THE AVIATOR.

From 2006-2013, Baldwin has been an award winning fixture on the Comedy TV series, 30 ROCK.

He co-starred with Meryl Streep and Steve Martin in the hilarious comedy, IT'S COMPLICATED, in 2009. He plays the cute, charismatic, occasionally nude, portly ex-husband, who is beleaguered by his new responsibilities as a middle aged, second batch dad with his new young wife. He yearns for his past, before his foot slipped.

In 2013, he excelled as the philandering, lying husband in Woody Allen's film, BLUE JASMINE, playing opposite Kate Blanchett, who earned the Academy Award for Best Actress in the film.

Baldwin's notable movie credits include...

Forever, Lulu (1987)
She's Having a Baby (1988)
Beetlejuice (1988)
Married to the Mob (1988)
Working Girl (1988)
Talk Radio (1988)
Great Balls of Fire! (1989)
Tong Tana (1989)
The Hunt for Red October (1990)
Miami Blues (1990)
Alice (1990)
The Marrying Man (1991)
Prelude to a Kiss (1992)
Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)
Malice (1993)
The Getaway (1994)
The Shadow (1994)
Two Bits (1995)
Wild Bill: Hollywood Maverick (1996)
The Juror (1996)
Heaven's Prisoners (1996)
Looking for Richard (1996)
Ghosts of Mississippi (1996)
The Edge (1997)
Thick as Thieves (1998)
Mercury Rising (1998)
The Confession (1999)
Notting Hill (1999)
Outside Providence (1999)
Scout's Honor (1999)
The Acting Class (2000)
Thomas and the Magic Railroad (2000)
State and Main (2000)
Pearl Harbor (2001)
Cats & Dogs (2001)
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001)
The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)
The Adventures of Pluto Nash (2002)
The Cooler (2003)
Broadway: The Golden Age, by the Legends Who Were There (2003)
The Cat in the Hat (2003)
Walking with Cavemen (2003)
Brighter Days (2003)
Along Came Polly (2004)
Double Dare (2004)
The Last Shot (2004)
The Aviator (2004)
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (2004)
Elizabethtown (2005)
Fun with Dick and Jane (2005)
Mini's First Time (2006)
The Departed (2006)
Running with Scissors (2006)
The Good Shepherd (2006)
Suburban Girl (2007)
Brooklyn Rules (2007)
Shortcut to Happiness (2007)
My Best Friend's Girl (2008)
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008)
Journey to the Edge of the Universe (2008)
Lymelife (2008)
My Sister's Keeper (2009)
It's Complicated (2009)
Hick (2011)
Rock of Ages (2012)
To Rome with Love (2012)
Rise of the Guardians (2012)
Blue Jasmine (2013)
Seduced and Abandoned (2013)
Torrente 5: Operación Eurovegas (2014)
Still Alice (2014)
Aloha (2015)
Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015)
Concussion (2015)
Back in the Day (2016)
Andron (2016)
Paris Can Wait (2016)
Blind (2016)
Rules Don't Apply (2016)
The Boss Baby (2017)
The Private Life of a Modern Woman (2017)
The Public (2018)
Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad (2018)
Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018)
Drunk Parents (2018)
Motherless Brooklyn (TBA)

Alec Baldwin's television credits include...

The Doctors (1980–1982)
Cutter to Houston (1983)
Sweet Revenge (1984)
Knots Landing (1984–1985)
Hotel (1985)
Love on the Run (1985)
Dress Gray (1986)
The Alamo: Thirteen Days to Glory (1987)
Saturday Night Live (1990–2017)
The Larry Sanders Show (1993)
A Streetcar Named Desire (1995)
The Simpsons (1998, 2005)
Thomas & Friends (1998–2003)
Storytime with Thomas (1999)
Nuremberg (2000)
Clerks: The Animated Series (2000–2001)
Friends (2002)
Path to War (2002)
Walking with Cavemen (2003)
Second Nature (2003)
Dreams & Giants (2003)
Johnny Bravo (2004)
The Fairly OddParents (2004)
Nip/Tuck (2004)
Las Vegas (2004)
Will & Grace (2005)
Great Performances (2006)
30 Rock (2006–2013)
America's Game: The Super Bowl Champions (2006–2008, 2012)
Journey to the Edge of the Universe (2008)
The Essentials (2009–2011, 2017)
82nd Academy Awards (2010)
Frozen Planet (2011)
1st Annual NFL Honors (2012)
2nd Annual NFL Honors (2013)
Up Late with Alec Baldwin (2013)
3rd Annual NFL Honors (2014)
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2014)
The Jim Gaffigan Show (2015–2016)
Match Game (2016–present)
Saturday Night Live (2016–present)
Julie's Greenroom (2017)
Nightcap (2017)
The Looming Tower (2018)




Alec Baldwin in Suburban Girl (2007).




In The Shadow (1994).



In Fun With Dick and Jane (2005).





In It's Complicated (2009).

With Kermit the Frog on 30 Rock (2006).

With Geena Davis in Tim Burton's Beetlejuice (1988).

With Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine (2013).

With Alan Arkin in Glengarry Glen Ross (1992).

With Russell Brand in Rock of Ages (2012).

As Donald Trump to Kate McKinnon's
Hillary Clinton on Saturday Night Live (2016).

With Julianne Moore in Still Alice (2014).

With Anthony Hopkins in The Edge (1997).

In The Hunt for Red October (1990)... top picture with
James Earl Jones... middle picture with Sean Connery and Scott Glenn.

With Kim Basinger in The Marrying Man (1991).

Alec Baldwin and Melanie Griffith in Working Girl (1988).