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Aidan Quinn in A SHINE OF RAINBOWS (2009).

About Aidan Quinn (1959 – ____)

Aidan Quinn was born in Chicago, Illinois, to Irish Catholic parents. He was raised in Chicago and Rockford, as well as in Dublin and Birr, County Offaly, Ireland. His mother, Teresa, was a homemaker, but also worked as a bookkeeper and in the travel business, and his father, Michael Quinn, was a professor of English literature. He has three brothers and a sister. His older brother, Declan Quinn, is a noted cinematographer, while his younger sister, Marian, is an actress, director and writer. Though a roofer by trade, Quinn received his start in the Chicago theatre at nineteen.

His first significant film role was in Reckless, followed by a breakthrough role in Desperately Seeking Susan as "Dez" (the love interest of the character played by Rosanna Arquette). Quinn next starred in the controversial TV film An Early Frost, about a young gay lawyer dying of AIDS (which co-starred Gena Rowlands, Ben Gazzara and Sylvia Sidney). He received his first Emmy Award nomination for the role which allowed him to gain recognition in Hollywood. He made a short impressive contribution as Robert De Niro's brother in The Mission. He played escaped convict Richard "Stick" Montgomery in the action comedy Stakeout opposite Richard Dreyfuss and Emilio Estevez.

During the 1990s, he appeared in Legends of the Fall, Benny & Joon, The Handmaid's Tale, Haunted, and Practical Magic. He also starred in Michael Collins, Song for a Raggy Boy, This Is My Father, and Evelyn. He played a small cameo as the captain of a doomed Arctic vessel in the Francis Ford Coppola-produced adaptation of Frankenstein.

In 2000, Quinn portrayed Paul McCartney in the VH1 television drama Two of Us.

Quinn appeared in the 2005 movie The Exonerated, a true story about people on death row who had been freed in which Quinn played Kerry Max Cook.

He played the main character on the NBC drama The Book of Daniel, in 2006. The show was canceled after the first three weeks of its run, and its last five episodes never aired. The following year he received his second Emmy nomination for the television movie Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.

In 2010, he played a cameo role as William Rainsferd in the French-made film Sarah's Key, set during World War II.

In 2013 he starred as "Dermot" opposite Taylor Schilling (Abby) in the Canadian-Irish drama film Stay.

Quinn currently co-stars in the CBS Television series Elementary.

In 1987, Quinn married his Stakeout co-star, Elizabeth Bracco (sister of actress Lorraine Bracco). They have two daughters: Mia (b. 1998) and Ava Eileen (b. 1989) , who has autism. Former residents of Englewood, New Jersey, Quinn and his family now live in Palisades, Rockland County, New York and Marbletown in the Catskills / Woodstock region of Ulster County, New York.

As an avid sports fan, Quinn supports the Chicago Cubs, the Green Bay Packers, Michael Jordan, Rory McIlroy, and Roger Federer.

Aidan Quinn's movie credits include...

Year Movie Role
1984RecklessJohnny Rourke
1985Desperately Seeking SusanDez
1986The MissionFelipe Mendoza
1987StakeoutRichard 'Stick' Montgomery
1990The Handmaid's TaleNick
1990The Lemon SistersFrankie McGuinness
1990AvalonJules Kaye
1991At Play in the Fields of the LordMartin Quarrier
1992The PlayboysTom Casey
1993Benny & JoonBenjamin 'Benny' Pearl
1994BlinkDet. John Hallstrom
1994FrankensteinCpt. Robert Walton
1994Legends of the FallAlfred Ludlow
1995The Stars Fell on HenriettaDon Day
1995HauntedProf. David Ash
1995Lumière and Company
1996Looking for RichardRichmond
1996Michael CollinsHarry Boland
1997CommandmentsSeth Warner
1997The AssignmentLt. Cmdr. Annibal Ramirez / Carlos
1998This Is My FatherKieran O'Day
1998Practical MagicOfficer Gary Hallet
1999In DreamsPaul Cooper
1999Music of the HeartBrian Turner
2000SongcatcherTom Bledsoe
2002Stolen SummerJoe O'Malley
2002EvelynNick Barron
2003Song for a Raggy BoyWilliam Franklin
2004Bobby Jones: Stroke of GeniusHarry Vardon
2004Shadow of FearDetective Scofield
2004Return to SenderFrank Nitzche
2004ProudCommodore Alfred Lind
2005Nine LivesHenry
2007Dark MatterProf. Jacob Reiser
200732AFrank Brennan
2008Wild ChildGerry Moore
2009A Shine of RainbowsAlec
2009The EclipseNicholas Holden
2009Handsome HarryProf. Porter
2010FlippedRichard Baker
2010Festival of LightsAdem
2010Jonah HexPresident Ulysses S. Grant
2010Sarah's KeyWilliam Rainsferd
2010Across the Line: The Exodus of Charlie WrightCharlie Wright
2010The 5th QuarterSteven Abbate
2010The Pilgrims: The Journey to a New World for AutismHimself
2011UnknownMartin B.
2011The Stand UpSandy Hardwick
2011The Greening of Whitney BrownHenry Brown
2011Muide ÉireHimself
2012If I Were YouDerek
2012AllegianceLieutenant Colonel Owens
2013The Last KeepersJohn Carver
2013RushlightsCameron Brogden
2013StayDermot Fay
2014Journey to SundanceHimself
2018The Gettysburg AddressTheodore Parker

Aidan Quinn's television credits include...

Year Show/Series Role
1985An Early FrostMichael Pierson
1987All My SonsChris Keller
1989Perfect WitnessSam Paxton
1991Lies of the TwinsJames / Jonathan McEwan
1992A Private MatterBob Finkbine
1994Ken Burns' BaseballHimself / Various
1995The Irish in AmericaNarrator
1995Out of Ireland: The Story of Irish Emigration to AmericaNarrator
1997Forbidden Territory: Stanley's Search for LivingstoneHenry Morton Stanley
2000The Prince and the PauperMiles Hendon
2000Two of UsPaul McCartney
2000The Young MessiahNarrator
2001Night VisionsJeremy Bell
2001Project GreenlightHimself
2003Benedict Arnold: A Question of HonorGen. Benedict Arnold V
2003Freedom: A History of USMob Member / Philadelphia Press Editorial
2004See You in My DreamsJoe F. Brown
2004PlainsongTom Guthrie
2004CavedwellerClint Windsor
2004Miracle RunDouglas Thomas
2004–05Third WatchLt. / Captain John Miller
2005The ExoneratedKerry Max Cook
2005Empire FallsDavid Roby
2005MaydayJohn Berry
2006The Book of DanielDaniel Webster
2006All*Star CupHimself (Team USA)
2007Bury My Heart at Wounded KneeHenry L. Dawes
2007Law & Order: Special Victims UnitBen Nicholson
2008Canterbury's LawMatthew 'Matt' Furey
2008The Prince of Motor CityCharlie Hamilton
2010White CollarProf. George Oswald
2011WeedsFoster 'Chuck' Klein
2011Prime SuspectLt. Kevin Sweeney
2012The Horses of McBrideMatt Davidson
2012–presentElementaryCaptain Thomas 'Tommy' Gregson
2014From Tee to Green: The Story of Irish GolfNarrator

Memorable Quotes by Aidan Quinn

“ I like the level of fame that I have. You get nice tables in restaurants sometimes, but fame isn't something that I find comfortable. ”

“ I think my being such a nomad let me into acting. I was always having to create a new image whenever we moved. ”

“ I was on this remote island a thousand miles off the coast of Kenya. The island didn't have electricity, but some people had generators, and I went to someone's house and there was a video of Desperately Seeking Susan playing. I think it was the only frigging television on the whole island. That was very bizarre. ”

“ I'm not a city kind of guy. I'm happiest when I'm tromping through the woods. That's why I don't live in Los Angeles. Being physically away from Hollywood probably loses me a few jobs, but the best ones seek me out. ”

“ There was one moment in high school where I thought, "Maybe I'll take an acting class." And I walked in and saw all the quote unquote theatre people and I went, "Oh God," and walked out. But later, when I was 19, I actually took an acting class and I was very much smitten with it. ”

[on At Play in the Fields of the Lord] “ That was an unbelievably difficult and... challenging experience. I don't regret it. But I don't know if I'd go back into it willingly again. It wasn't the jungle — I loved the jungle. We were three months over schedule, and it was a true Heart of Darkness experience in terms of what was happening on the set every day. And what was happening to the movie. And what was happening to the director. And what was happening to the relations between people. There were many horrors involved with it. Hector [Babenco], many, many times during that shoot, was not a sane person. He was insane. When you're rehearsing a scene from seven o'clock in the morning until one o'clock in the afternoon in the jungle, in the heat, with full emotion, no camera, no viewfinder, just so he can get an idea of how he wants to shoot it, because he was so confused and so tormented — that, over a period of time, is tantamount to abuse. We had a good producer who made it worthwhile to be there, but he wasn't able to put any restrictions on Hector. So Hector could do whatever he wanted and keep us there as long as he wanted. Hector literally lost his mind a few times. I feel for him, in a way; I hope he's sorted out some of the demons that were comin' outta him. He's done some great work. John Lithgow and Kathy [Bates] had their own problems with Hector, but they got along with him more often than I did. The thing about it is, I'm really an easy person to work with. But I love At Play in the Fields of the Lord. Babenco did a good job. ”

Things You May Not Know About Aidan Quinn

He was Paramount's choice to play Jesus Christ in their production of The Last Temptation of Christ before a storm of controversy forced them to cancel their plans for the movie. Soon after, Universal picked up the movie with Willem Dafoe playing Christ.

After portraying Paul McCartney in a television movie, the two met by chance while staying at the same hotel and became real life friends.

He was close friends with Natasha Richardson, his co-star in The Handmaid's Tale. She named him as co-executor of estate in her will.

He has appeared in the "Books: Feed Your Head" literacy campaign for MTV, directed by Neil Burger and also featuring such actors as Sherilyn Fenn and Timothy Hutton.

He was listed as one of twelve "Promising New Actors of 1986" in John Willis' Screen World, Vol. 38.

He is the father of Ava Eileen Quinn, who played the baby "David" in her father's movie Avalon.

Aidan Quinn in A Shine of Rainbows (2009)... top picture
with Connie Nielsen... middle picture with John Bell.
In At Play in the Fields of the Lord (1991)... top picture
with John Lithgow... middle picture with Kathy Bates .
In Avalon (1990)... top picture with Armin Mueller-Stahl
and Elizabeth Perkins... bottom picture with Elizabeth Perkins.
In Benny & Joon (1993)... top picture with Mary Stuart Masterson...
bottom picture with Julianne Moore.
With Madeline Stowe in Blink (1993).
In Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (2007).
In Canterbury's Law (2008)... top picture with Julianna Margulies.
With Ye Liu in Dark Matter (2007).
In Desperately Seeking Susan (1985)... top picture with Rosanna Arquette.
With Jonny Lee Miller in an episode of Elementary (2017).
With Pierce Brosnan and Stephen Rea in Evelyn (2002).
In Flipped (2010)... second picture with Penelope Ann Miller and Madeline Carroll... third picture with John Mahoney and Madeline Carroll... bottom picture with Madeline Carroll.
In Legends of the Fall (1994)... top picture with Brad Pitt,
Julia Ormond, and Henry Thomas... bottom picture with Julia Ormond.
In Stakeout (1987)... middle picture with Madeline Stowe.
In The Assignment (1997)... top picture with Donald Sutherland
and Ben Kingsley... bottom picture with Ben Kingsley.
In The Book of Daniel (2006)... middle picture with Ellen Burstyn... bottom picture with Susanna Thompson.
Aidan Quinn in The Handmaid's Tale (1990)... bottom picture with Natasha Richardson.