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The Tobey Maguire Bio

The Tobey Maguire Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Film:

Cider House Rules

Lasse Halstrom's direction of John Irving's novel is brilliant beyond measure, and Tobey's contribution was certainly no less than the Academy Award-winning performance by Michael Caine. To be in a film that is even better than Pleasantville is something indeed.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Pleasantville (loner kid obsessed with a TV show)
Cider House Rules (an orphan trained to be a doctor)
Seabiscuit (the unlikely jockey, Red Pollard)
Wonder Boys (eccentrically morbid, quirky and imaginative student writer)
Ride with the Devil (Civil War soldier)
Deconstructing Harry (a young version of Woody Allen)
Ice Storm
Spiderman 1, 2 & 3
The Real Tobey Maguire:
Cider House Rules >

As the orphan raised by a practical Maine doctor to be "of some use" by also being a doctor, Tobey's soft-spoken seeming reticence seemed grounded in his own rather unfortunate childhood, being foisted around by his unwed teen parents onto various relatives. It doesn't seem an accident that Tobey is attracted to quirky maverick parts.
Acting Style:
Conflicted. Tobey is the obvious choice for the anti-hero Peter Parker, aka Spider-man, Tobey is so Tobey, confused and young and unsure. He's also deeper than James Dean, quirkier than any actor under the age of 70 has the right to be, and yet simple and direct.

The reluctant hero everyone loves in Spider-man is also a reluctant hero in Pleasantville and Cider House Rules. And just reluctant in the wonderful Wonder Boys. For a guy who is known as a super-hero, Maguire plays more on the Id than just about anyone.
Bits and Quirks:
The little-boy dimple smile. The heavy-duty stare. The simple stare. The shrug. The wide-open mouth smile of surprise. The simple, simple non-inflected line reading.
Great Scenes:
Cider House Rules

> At the abandoned drive-in with Charlize Theron
> Returning to the orphanage
> Burning the rules in the cider house.


> Discovering his spidey powers
> Crawling up the side of the wall
> Beating up the bully at school
> The wrestling match.

Wonder Boys

> Reciting the actor suicides
> Shooting the university president's dog
> The chat in the snow with Michael Douglas


> The town hall/courtroom scene
> Getting the remote control from Don Knotts

Deconstructing Harry

> Arguing with "Death" about whether it's his time or not.