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The Robert Downey Jr. Bio

The Robert Downey Jr. Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Film:

Good Night and Good Luck

Though he lends his usual solid craftsmanship to George Clooney's brilliant look at Edward R. Murrow's fight against McCarthy, his best performance has to be as the Little Tramp. His skill in channeling Charlie Chaplin is a mesmerizing feat and worth watching "Chaplin," and definitely worth more than the mere Oscar and Golden Globe nominations.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Heart and Souls (the guy four "spirits" choose to help them complete their earthly missions)
Wonder Boys (Michael Douglas's book editor)
Back to School (the strange friend of Rodney Dangerfield's son)
The Pick-Up Artist (his Brat Pack film)
True Believer (lawyer and protégé of James Woods)
Short Cuts (the best performer in one of Altman's best)
Richard III (Lord Rivers)
Restoration (cuckolded physician to the king)
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (a dense assistant to thief private eye Val Kilmer)
Iron Man
The Gingerbread Man 
Sherlock Holmes (the title character, with Jude Law as Watson)
Tropic Thunder (a method actor who gets a bit too far into his roles)
Iron Man
Air America (opposite Mel Gibson)
The Real Robert Downey Jr.:
Less than Zero

The film is almost a documentary of the '80s West Coast cocaine crowd, and, as such, is almost a documentary of Robert Downey Jr.'s drug addiction. As Julian Wells, Downey pieces together a self-destructive yet charismatic friend and son that is truly heartbreaking.

Iron Man

The new Robert Downey, Jr. is, like his character in "Iron Man," a remodeled talented but flawed human being.
Acting Style:
Sensitive. Downey possesses an ability to pour forth immense feeling into even minor scenes. He wears his soul on his sleeve. It's no wonder he admires Peter O'Toole; his gifts are similar to the British lord's, and perhaps could some day equal them.
Bits and Quirks:
Loads of stuff that comes straight from his id. Puppy dog eyes, made questioning with a little more arched eyebrow. Flitting hands, and controlled jitters. An arched, more effete than effeminate walk. Much use of the thick lips, mostly to pout. Gaze off and then snap back to camera. Tilting whole head to side. Jittery moves, with the head shaking, even when he's not playing addicts.
Great Scenes:
Less Than Zero

> Confronting his father on the tennis courts.
> Trying to weasel out of his drug debt to James Spader


> Incurring the wrath of J. Edgar Hoover by turning his bread into shoes and doing a little dance at the dinner table.

Wonder Boys

> Showing up with a transvestite in tow
> Seducing author Tobey Maguire in more ways than one

Heart and Souls

> "Walk Like A Man" sequence

Tropic Thunder

> The retard speech, with Ben Stiller.
> The "blown" scene with Stiller in the beginning

Iron Man

> Testing out the suit, particularly smashing the cars and threatening the robot.
> Escaping from the terrorists in the original suit
> Both times he's shot into outer space
> Returning to take out the terrorist cells