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The Nicolas Cage Bio

The Nicolas Cage Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Film:


In all the structured strangeness of Charlie Kaufman's masterpiece of the dual nature of a writer, or at least that writer, Cage – in his Golden Globe and Oscar-nominated role – rings completely true – no mean feat for a guy who's specialty is so far over the top you can't even see it from where he is. "Face/Off" is third place, and sort of a parallel of "Adaptation." "Leaving Las Vegas," which gave him his Oscar (and Golden Globe), is close to his best performance.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Lord of War (an arms dealer)
Valley Girl (in love with a sweet girl)
Racing with the Moon
Guarding Tess (Secret Service agent guarding Shirley MacLaine)
Leaving Las Vegas (Oscar-winning performance as a man determined to drink himself to death)
Red Rock West
Matchstick Men (a con man, with Sam Rockwell)
The Rock (an FBI scientist, with Sean Connery)
Con Air (with John Cusack and John Malkovich)
Snake Eyes (with Gary Sinise)
National Treasure (1 and 2)
Next (opposite Jessica Biel)
Offbeat Low-Budget Cage:
Birdy (with Matthew Modine)
Vampire's Kiss
Gone in Sixty Seconds
Offbeat Big-Budget Cage:
The Cotton Club
Raising Arizona (opposite Holly Hunter)
Ghost Rider
Bangkok Dangerous
Romantic Cage:
Peggy Sue Got Married (in love with Kathleen Turner, directed by F.F. Coppola)
Moonstruck (in love with Cher, in a Golden Globe-nominated performance)
Honeymoon in Vegas (Golden Globe-nominated performance)
City of Angels (an angel in love with Meg Ryan)
Captain Corelli's Mandolin (in love with Penelope Cruz)
Adaptation (Oscar-nominated performance as two parts of writer Charlie Kaufman
Wild at Heart (in love with Laura Dern)
It Could Happen to You (in love with Bridget Fonda)
The Real Nicolas (Coppola) Cage:

The method actor who rarely loses that hound dog persona (except in this role). Like Olivier, an actor who is looking for a personality because he doesn't like or believe that one he has. (His last name he took from a superhero who suffers from depression and insecurity.)
Acting Style:
Despite all the action films, Nick is no action hero. That's probably part of his appeal; he doesn't even seem capable of fighting. No, he'll always be the loser who falls hard for the woman, or just falls hard, but finds some redeeming characteristic.
Bits and Quirks:
Where does one start? Suffice it to say that in Face/Off he and John Travolta were able to play the each other, based on each one's treasure of bits and quirks. The rolling head, leering or mooney eyes, fantastic grin. Perennial slouch. And on and on
Great Scenes:

> Multiple Nicks looking for Jessica in the factory
> Eluding security in the casino
> The reservation
> Waiting for Jessica in the restaurant
> The multiple pick-up lines
> Being chased down the mountain, dodging bullets and cars


> All of the scenes where he is talking to himself
> The bayou

Raising Arizona

> The diapers on the highway
> Kidnapping the baby
> Returning the baby


> The Travolta impressions
> Getting a new face

The Rock

> His first meeting with Sean Connery in prison

National Treasure (1 and 2)

> Figuring out the clues
> Holding up the Declaration of Independence to stop a bullet
> Finding the treasures
> Climbing around on Mt. Rushmore
> "Kidnapping" the President
> Messing around in the Oval Office

City of Angels

> Watching sunset at beach with other angels

Matchstick Men

> The last scene, meeting the "daughter" in a car dealership
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