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The Naomi Watts Bio

The Naomi Watts Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Films:

King Kong / Painted Veil

Okay, "Eastern Promises" and "21 Grams," too. And, for you fans of a different stripe, there is no reason to be ashamed of "The Ring" or "Mulholland Drive." Basically, a six-way tie, but KK and PV would have suffered more with an actress of less moxie (see below). Also, Nicole just fits better in "period pieces" than anything else. Even her nurse in "Eastern Promises" seems like it's in another place and time.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
The International (a Manhattan Assistant DA helping Clive Owen track down a corrupt bank)
The Painted Veil (opposite Edward Norton)
21 Grams (Oscar-nominated performance as a woman changed after a car accident)
Flirting (early Australian performance alongside Nicole Kidman)
Le Divorce (in Paris with Kate Hudson)
I Heart Huckabees (spokesmodel for the Huckabees store)
The Assassination of Richard Nixon (opposite Sean Penn)
Mulholland Drive (David Lynch's actress wannabe)
The Ring
The Ring 2
King Kong
Eastern Promises 
The Real Naomi Watts:
Ellie Parker

An Australian actress trying to make it in L.A. Hmmmm…. 
Acting Style:
Pals with Nicole Kidman since their childhood in Australia, Naomi is probably used to being second banana. Compared to Kidman, she deserves second-place, but not compared to most actresses, even those with British accents. She's beautiful alright, but her kind of beauty lets her play roles that a Kidman couldn't, and certainly vice versa. She can play bold, independent women, and should play that more often. Her boldness, though, comes without the mitigating pixie quality of a Renee or Reese. It's a tomboy tough (good for reporters and/or determined actresses), mitigated with a melodic voice.
Bits and Quirks:
A wicked stare. A host of gangly moves. A way of changing her entire appearance – complete entire whole, that is – with a quick swish of hair or a different camera angle.
Great Scenes:
Painted Veil

> The unsuccessful attempt at divorce
> Playing piano in the orphanage
> Being attacked by the Nationalists

Mulholland Drive

> The movie audition
> Love scenes with Laura Harring

King Kong

> Doing acrobatics for the big guy

Eastern Promise

> All the scenes with Viggo

21 Grams

> She's perfect throughout
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