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The Kim Basinger Bio

The Kim Basinger Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Film:

L.A. Confidential

Okay, she does kind of look like Veronica Lake. Guy Pearce and Russell Crowe beat each other up over her, but it is Kim who seems to feel each blow (so to speak) in her Golden Globe, SAG, and Oscar-winning performance as a high-class prostitute of sorts.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
8 Mile (Eminem's mom)
Ready to Wear (a fashion journalist in an Altman ensemble piece)
The Door in the Floor (miserable wife of Jeff Bridges)
The Sentinel (the First Lady, having an affair with Secret Service agent Michael Douglas)
Fool for Love (love-hate with Sam Shepard in a fleabag motel)  
Batman (Vicki Vale, opposite Michael Keaton in Tim Burton's original)
Cellular (math teacher, mom and enterprising kidnap victim)
Wayne's World 2
Never Say Never Again (Domino Petachi, a Bond girl opposite Sean Connery)
9 ½ Weeks (Mickey Rourke's lover (don't gag: he was cool then)
The Natural (Golden Globe-nominated performance as Memo, the "femme fatale") 
The Real Kim Basinger:
Panic: A Film About Coping

Basinger talked about her agoraphobia in the HBO documentary and how she suffers from panic attacks. Certainly, being tabloid fodder doesn't help.
Acting Style:
Shy. Though classically beautiful, the model-turned-actress is more approachable than many of her runway/celluloid colleagues, possibly because the fear of rejection is writ large throughout her perfection. This chasm between an emotional fragility and a physical loftiness is present in virtually all of her better performances.
Bits and Quirks:
The quiet, quiet voice, often high-pitched, often breathless. The coy bow of the head. The disarmingly innocent smile framed with sexy hair and noirish manner.
Great Scenes:

> First making contact with Chris Evans
> Stabbing a captor in the neck
> Kissing Chris at the end in front of his obnoxious girlfriend
> The panicked voice-overs on the telephone


> Eating dinner with Michael Keaton

The Door in the Floor

> Seducing the intern

LA. Confidential

> The love scene with Russell Crowe
> Getting beaten up by Russell Crowe
> The love scene with Guy Pearce, while Danny DeVito takes pictures behind a two-way mirror

Never Say Never Again

> The massage by Sean Connery
> Dancing the tango with Sean

9 ½ Weeks

> Silhouette dance and strip tease for Mickey Rourke
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