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The Hugh Jackman Bio

The Hugh Jackman Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Film:

The Prestige

"Australia" is a highly underrated epic, and Jackman gets to be both the macho cowboy and the handsome lover in that film. "The Prestige," though, has such a brilliant story, and it is Jackman's performance, in a much more difficult role than his adversary, Christian Bale, that actually makes the film so interesting.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Kate & Leopold (Golden Globe-nominated performance as a prince brought forward in time)
Deception (bad guy who frames Ewan McGregor)
The Fountain (lover of Rachel Weisz across centuries of time)
Someone Like You (a womanizer and the subject of Ashley Judd's research)
Swordfish (a computer hacker in a scheme to get his daughter back)
Australia (Drover)
The Prestige (a magician,and adversary of Christian Bale)
X Men Series (Wolfman)
Van Helsing
The Real Hugh Jackman:
The Academy Awards

Though "The Prestige" shows his two-faced quality at its best, that isn't the real Hugh, whose heart belongs on the stage, where he won a Tony Award, and is a talented singer and dancer (which he proved astoundingly in the Academy Awards show) and actor.
Acting Style:
Dual-natured. Perfect at playing refined gentlemen, and famous for his moody, archetypal Marvel hero, Wolverine. Somewhere in between is the perfect villain who is adept at hiding his plots behind what is generally regarded as the best looks in the business. Even though he's right for any romantic comedy, it's in the more satisfying, deeper, and "dual" characters that he excels. 
Bits and Quirks:
The jaunty grin with the shake of the head. The intense stare. The ultra-straightened back when playing high-class guys. The lurking hunch when playing the bad guys. The simmering moodiness of the Wolverine. An array of well-done accents. Facial hair to help hide his good looks and make him seem more ominous.
Great Scenes:
The Prestige

> The trick goes wrong at the beginning
> The Transporter Man trick
> Working with David Bowie as Tesla and his machine
> The turnabout at the mansion


> The fight outside the bar, when Nicole Kidman's underwear gets sprawled all over the dirt
> The cattle drive, and saving the cattle from going off the cliff
> Getting the cattle onboard the ship before Bryan Brown's men do
> Celebrating in the bar afterward and saluting Kidman
> Saving the kids from Mission Island


> On the pond with Scarlett
> With the cops when Scarlett reappears


> Getting the news in the bank in Spain
> The final confrontation with Ewan McGregor

Kate & Leopold

> The roof-top dinner
> Arguing with the police woman over cleaning up after the dog
> The audition for Meg Ryan's commercial
> The chase through Central Park on horseback


> Breaking web site code with a gun to his head
> The explosion scene
> Being chased by Don Cheadle 

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