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The Helen Hunt Bio

The Helen Hunt Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Film:

As Good As It Gets

Hunt contributes mightily to the success of the film, working the three-way with Jack and Greg Kinnear beautifully. She is also somewhat integral to the success of "Pay It Forward," at least regarding the B story.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Soul Surfer (Bethany Hamilton's mother)
The Curse of the Jade Scorpion (hypnotized into loving Woody Allen, in this '40s detective comedy)
Bob Roberts (a reporter)
Dr. T and the Women (golf pro, opposite Dallas gynecologist Richard Gere)
Project X (with Matthew Broderick, a scientist trying to save chimps from being the subjects of experiments)
Then She Found Me (a schoolteacher in an emotional crisis just as her real mother, Bette Midler, appears; her directorial debut)
A Good Woman (a '30s gold digger)
Miles from Home
As Good as it Gets (Oscar, SAG and Golden Globe-winning performance as a somewhat patient waitress, opposite Jack Nicholson and Greg Kinnear)
Cast Away (Tom Hank's not so long-suffering woman)
Twister (storm chasing scientist, opposite Bill Paxton)
What Women Want (advertising exec opposite Mel Gibson)
Pay it Forward (alcoholic mom of Haley Joel Osment, opposite Kevin Spacey)
Bobby (wife of Martin Sheen and RFK supporter)
The Real Helen Hunt:
Mad About You

Despite enviable dramatic skills, there's a comedian lurking in there, or maybe it's a comic actress. There's a reason for the early huge sitcom success, and it's not dramatic skills.
Acting Style:
Real and vulnerable. Though she often plays tough women, it is with the wink and the frown that lets the audience quickly and easily know that this woman is vulnerable and perhaps has gone through a lot. It is rather hard to believe that Hunt was in such a successful sitcom; she hasn't smiled a real smile on the big screen in recent memory
Bits and Quirks:
Those little eyes can squint and scowl like crazy. When there is a smile, it's usually ironic or wan, tired and sad. A hunching over. Though often attractive, a penchant for dressing down or making herself more unattractive. A mournful whine. An awesome look of deep hurt.
Great Scenes:
As Good As It Gets

> The showdown in the diner with Jack
> At the restaurant in Baltimore
> After the date, in her house as her son gets sick while she's making out
> With Harold Ramis as the doctor
> Knocking on Jack's door in the middle of the night to tell him she'll never love him
> Taking a walk with Jack at 4am

Cast Away

> A great good-bye scene, since we know what's going to happen
> Going over the maps with Tom Hanks, and telling the story from her perspective
> The breakdown in the rain outside her house

What Women Want

> Giving the crew the assignment when she first arrives
> The looking at Mel's crotch scene in her office
> The revelation at dinner with Mel


> Teasing and arguing in the truck
> Under the bridge as the tornado goes over them
> In the truck as cows are flying by
> The tanker truck flies at them in the F5 tornado
> Tractors and combines and houses flying at them

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