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The Chris Evans Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Film:

Captain America
Most of the successful films are almost completely on the charismatic shoulders of the lead(s), which explains why Fantastic Four was only a quarter successful, since Evans was the only one of the four actors appropriately cast. This film uses his skills wisely. And, it doesn't hurt that the film also has great support from Stanley Tucci, Toby Jones and especially Tommy Lee Jones.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Fierce People (the son of billionaire Donald Sutherland)
Sunshine (astronaut traveling to the sun to reignite it, in Danny Boyle film)
The Losers (a double-crossed mercenary joins a team to go after the CIA)
Puncture (a drug-addicted lawyer helping to take on corrupt pharmaceuticals)
Push (a telekinetic, with Dakota Fanning, trying to elude government assassins)
The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond (farmer turned socialite, opposite Bryce Dallas Howard, in Tennessee Williams' screenplay)
What's Your Number? (helping Anna Faris work her way through her exes)
Street Kings (detective with Keanu Reeves hunting down cop killers)
Cellular (a regular guy swept into being a rescuer of kidnapped Kim Basinger)
Fantastic Four (Johnny, aka the Human Torch)
Captain America (soldier turned superhero)
Scott Pilgrim (one of the evil ex-boyfriends)
The Real Chris Evans:
Just a guy getting a job done so he can go back and hang with friends or, better yet, do an indy movie.
Acting Style:
Swagger. Evans' bravado works because there is just enough humor and a trace of self-effacement, or rather self-reference. The tongue in cheek quality that moves through much of Evans' work has as part of it an acknowledgment that this is acting, and it's fun. The combo seems to make him just right to play comic-book characters.
Bits and Quirks:
Cocky poses, particularly with the head and shoulders way back, and often off-centered. He actually walks like that. Talking out of the side of his mouth. Quick one-liners. Smart aleck laced with macho. A variety of grins.
Great Scenes:
The Losers

> pretends to be a weird singing messenger getting on an elevator, then exposing himself on the elevator

Captain America

> Falling on the grenade
> The transformation scene
> Jumping on the taxi and the sub
> With Stanley Tucci as the scientist the night before the transformation
> Doing the publicity "buy bonds" shtick
> Bringing back the GI's who were captured
> Jumping on to the plane
> The final reveal

Fantastic Four

> The kidding of Chiklis as the Thing
> Flirting with the nurse
> Going nuclear in the testing chamber
> The airborne fight with Dr. Doom
> The showdown with the circle of fire around Dr. Doom
> Jumping off the building to get rid of the missile
> Enjoying playing with his new powers
> Showing off in the bar

Scott Pilgrim

> Fighting Michael Cera, and explaining about the seven evil exes
> Doing the super skateboarding grind down the mile-long stairs


> Using the gun to get what he needs in the phone store
> The Kim Basinger kiss at the end in front of his girlfriend
> Carjacking the Porsche from the jerky attorney (twice)
> The fight with Jason Statham under the pier
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Perfect Score