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The Charlize Theron Bio

The Charlize Theron Review –

by Nate Lee


Cider House Rules

Charlize is transcendently fine as the daughter of a lobster fisherman who meets Tobey Maguire when she has come to get an abortion, then eventually falls in love with him. Her soft vulnerability is in such extreme contrast to her brilliant performance in "Monster" as to make it hard to believe it's the same person. "Monster," is a thought-provoking piece, and definitely worthy of an Oscar for her performance, but can't be placed above the New England classic.
Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
The Burning Plain (a woman with a past)
The Road (the wife of Viggo Mortenson on a post-apocalyptic search for civilization)
Monster (Oscar-winning performance as serial killer Aileen Wuornos)
North Country (woman miner who set legal precedent of sexual harassment policies in workplace, in Oscar and Golden Globe-nominated performance)
In the Valley of Elah (a detective, with Tommy Lee Jones)
The Life and Death of Peter Sellers (Britt Eckland)
The Legend of Bagger Vance (persuasive woman for golf tournament)
Two Days in the Valley (assassin)
That Thing You Do (girlfriend of a band member)
East of Havana
The Italian Job (a safecracker)
Hancock (the wife of Hancock's PR man, Jason Bateman)
Aeon Flux
Mighty Joe Young
Devil's Advocate
The Real Charlize Theron:
North Country

A story of a woman who stands up for herself against the tide of small-town, narrow-minded people and their uncaring corporate puppeteers. Charlize no doubt was able to draw upon her South African heritage and particularly her abusive, alcoholic father in forming her character (inspired by a true story).
Acting Style:
Powerful. The farm girl turned model turned actress is a force to contend with whether she's a beauty – Italian Job, Aeon Flux – or a serial killer, as in Monster, or just an ordinary woman trying to feed her kids by taking a job as a miner, as in North Country.
Bits and Quirks:
Charlize, clearly, can disappear in a role, leaving all traces of bits and quirks behind. An anti-quirk, really, is her love of making herself less than attractive for parts. She expertly changes the quality of her voice, from a husky threatening to lightly vulnerable, to help her deliver a character.
Great Scenes:
In the Valley of Elah

> Giving the other detectives hell for their incompetence
> Blackmailing the army officer in order to interrogate military personnel
> The confession

The Italian Job

> Cracking the safe for the Feds in the beginning
> Practicing her safecracking when Mark Wahlberg walks in on her
> Driving the Minis through the subway
> Cracking the safe that's fallen through the street

North Country

> The hockey game
> Getting the brush-off from the head of the company
> Getting beaten up in the mines
> Speaking at the union meeting
> Talking with her son about his father
> The final courtroom scene


> Meeting Christina Ricci in the bar
> The first murder
> The rising rage in the second murder and the rising dread in the last one
> The car accident and succeeding revelation to Christina about the murders
> Calling from jail, and the following courtroom scene

Cider House Rules

> The flirting sequence with Tobey Maguire
> Teaching him to drive
> The quick sex scene
> Hearing the news about Wally's encephalitis
> Saying good-bye

Aeon Flux

> The gymnastics at the beginning in "attacking" the castle
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